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“I’m Terrified of Clowns, Elevators, the Dark, Mirrors, Dolls, and Spiders”

GOD 22

Based on true events… The names have been changed to protect their identity… 1 Patient: Mary Rainee, Age 15 Phobias: Coulrophobia (Fear of clowns) Claustrophobia (Fear of small spaces) Agoraphobia (Fear of panicking) Physician: Dr. Flooding Treatment: Mary will be forced to deal with her fears. 2 A recording of Dr. Flooding during his treatment …

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Solving Five Major Problems in the World


According to Rick Warren, there are five major destructive problems in the world. Here is the list: ~ Spiritual Emptiness ~ Self-Centered Leaders ~ Poverty ~ Disease ~ Illiteracy All of these problems can be solved if children, teens, and adults of all ages will get back into the habit of reading for fun; even …

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Showing Value of Books


With reading levels down across the board, marketing the “idea” behind eBooks isn’t the way to go, especially for teenagers. There was a time when teens thought books were cool, but that has been replaced by a multitude of concepts like texting, social media, and online gaming. When eBooks and digital reading became popular, it …

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Wealthy CEO’s Read Books


Why is reading for pleasure so important for business leaders? “The reason successful people read to improve themselves is because it separates them from the competition and they are able to see more opportunities.” ~ Success Magazine “Creativity has become the most powerful tool in reaching world-class levels of performance in both business and life.” …

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Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21st, 2012 Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!” Ron Knight wins the Sunshine Lily Badge for best blog, presented byErinO’ Quinn! Interview with Ron Knight Erin: You inspire and motivate both adults and students in reading and writing. Why is that important to you?  Knight: I struggled with reading and …

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