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Untraditional Publishing, by Ron Knight, is one of those books that
makes you ask “Where has this been all my life”. From the first page, this book is filled with common sense and well researched knowledge. There are plenty of books available to tell an author how to write and as many that provide paths to ebook and traditional publishing. Ron Knight provides not just a path, but a roadmap to a third way of publishing. With gentle and caring concern he shows how to create unique opportunities using confidence, knowledge, self-discovery, experience, and relationship marketing to build sales. Along the way we learn how to write for our market, how to structure books that readers will want, how to use our strengths and caring to build a platform, and much, much more.

There is so much knowledge and wisdom here that a single reading could never be enough. This is a book that I know I will read many times over the coming months and years. It is an indispensible book for authors seeking to build a platform and increase sales.

Franz S. McLaren – Author – Trial In Lavondel